Watson Teak Effect Toilet Seat

  • Adjustable hinges fit all standard toilets
  • Durable moulded wood
  • Chrome plated hinges
  • All fittings included
Teak effect

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Full colour box
Teak effect

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Inspiration & Advice

One of the biggest problems in most bathrooms these days is the toilet seat coming loose over time. Whether it be through normal use or incorrect fixing there is nothing worse than attempting to sit down on the toilet seat and then precariously slipping sideways!

This common problem can be solved immediately by fitting a Sit Tight ‘Double-Fixed’ toilet seat to your pan. Designed to give you the peace of mind that your toilet seat will never come loose, the Sit Tight toilet seat uses a glue and screw fixing system to secure the toilet seat hinges in place.

Using the toilet seat to get the correct position, the hinges are glued in place with a high strength adhesive. The toilet seat is fitted onto the pan and screwed in place using the tool provided. The ‘Double-Fixed’ toilet seat is ready to use straight away with no more movement; just fit and forget! 

Available in a variety of finishes, the Sit Tight toilet seat is suitable for any bathroom style.

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