what to look out for?


For more information and to see which Croydex products are currently registered with the Water Label Scheme please visit the BMA's dedicated Water Label Scheme Website www.europeanwaterlabel.eu

What are the benefits?

  • Save up to 50% water with each use
  • Reduce spend on water and gas bills
  • Eco products are compatible with all standard shower set-ups
  • Simple to fit, device can also be removed when not required 
  • Increased water efficiency without compromising performance

Water Label & Water Efficient Handsets

The European Water Label is a voluntary scheme and is open to all companies who manufacture or sell products in the UK that meet the criteria. The Bathroom Manufacturer's Association (BMA), the lead trade association for manufacturers of the products in the UK is the faciliatator of this scheme. 

Croydex have been actively selling water efficient shower accessories for many years and have now been recognised by the BMA with several of its water efficient shower handsets now included the Water Label. 

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