The European Water Label

Croydex is proud to be a fully supporting, registered member of the Bathroom Manufacturer Association’s (BMA) Water Label Scheme, promoting water efficient bathroom products. This means that when you purchase a Croydex product displaying the scheme label, you can rest assured that your product is both effective and water efficiency compliant.

BMA Water Scheme

Water efficiency 'recommended' product label
The scheme aims to make it easy for installers and consumers to identify which products will save water, money and energy when installed and used correctly.  Some of the Croydex products displaying this label include FF010326FF030226, and FF010126.


BMA Label Description

Water efficiency label applicable for bathroom products
The scheme provides a recognisable, consistent measurement of water efficiency of bathroom products, allowing for an easy comparison of the water efficiency of similar products for the consumer or installer when choosing a shower.  Some of the Croydex products labelled in this scheme are AP600241, AM158441, and AM167241.

The water label clearly shows the maximum volume of water that the product will deliver if installed correctly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions by way of:

-Coloured performance bands

-Actual capacity/performance

The simple classification scheme is applicable throughout Europe and is self-declared and monitored by independent audits to keep the scheme cost-effective.  The scheme informs consumers on water consumption and promotes the use of efficient water using products in private and public buildings.
For more information and to see which Croydex products are currently registered with the Water Label Scheme please visit the BMA's dedicated Water Label Scheme Website